Your one-stop shop for all your jewelry and watch needs.

Everything done on the premises.

We have a master jeweler and a watchmaker with over 40 years experience on site.


Have your rings lost their sparkle?

Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing
We will clean and polish your dulled piece and bring it back to a perfect shine. We can also restore your white gold jewelry pieces with a special plating to make them look as good as the day you bought them.


When is the last time you had your ring inspected?

Prong Re-tipping
We offer free inspection. It's very important to have your diamond rings inspected regularly to ensure that weak prongs are not compromising the safety of your diamonds. If your diamond is loose in its setting, your ring will require maintenance, prong re-tipping will prevent you from losing your diamonds.


Your ring doesn't fit anymore?

Ring Sizing
Our expert jewelers will professionally size your ring to fit you properly so you can once again enjoy wearing it. Sterling silver, gold or platinum, we can size it, and deliver same day.


Did you notice a stone missing in your piece?

New Gemstone
Don't worry if your gem fell out of its setting, our professional jewelers will set it back or find a perfect replacement in color and size and your piece will be ready to wear.


Is your pearl jewelry coming apart?

Pearl Restringing
If you've had your pearl jewelry for some time, your necklaces or bracelets can become susceptible to breakage. It's wise to catch the problem ahead of time, if you've already broken a pearl jewelry piece, we'll take the time to carefully restring your piece and make it ready to wear for a long time.


Is your watch not keeping time?

Watch Servicing 
Our watch maker has over 45 years experience in repairing all kinds of watches, pocket watches, and clocks. With great patience and meticulous attention, he will inspect your watch followed by a free estimate. We do all repairs on the premise. We service Swiss made watches such as Rolex, Cartier, Piaget, Patek Philippe, Longine, and more ..