About Us

There's always a little story behind it all!

Mine begun across the Atlantic ocean, where my father worked long hours in his jewelry store in Tehran. I worked alongside him, learning the craft of jewelry making first hand. What schools will not teach, my father did, and that is the value of hard work, honesty and above all a constant core belief in good customer service.

When I had to leave everything behind and start all over in America. I brought one small luggage and my skills with me. Eventually took a chance and opened my own store in the heart of beautiful Thousand Oaks, California. I am grateful for my father's wisdom and support, after 20 years in business in this location, I still work every day with one mission: putting a smile on my customers' face.

Through the years, I've built great relationships with the best diamond dealers and manufacturers. Today, together with my wife Natalie, we enjoy creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, we are here to help you create or find the right jewelry piece for your special occasion. Every piece is created with Love, custom made right here in the U.S.A.