Giving Back

Jewelry for Armenia

Jewels Quest is a local family owned jewelry store in the heart of Thousand Oaks. We are a team of Armenians from various Countries (Iran, Irak, Armenia, and Canada) united in the U.S and working together to create these beautiful Medallions that we are selling to help raise funds for the ArmeniaFund Efforts. With every sale, proceeds will be automatically sent to the Armenia Fund.

About the ArmeniaFund organization

"Armenia Fund is the largest humanitarian organization serving the needs of the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Republic. Our mission is to connect the people of Armenia with the worldwide Armenian Diaspora to create a better homeland for the Armenian nation."
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About the Jewelry

Sun Cross Pendant

We have custom designed these Pendants in honor of our Mother land that is in Crisis during this brutal Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. 

These pendants represent The Sun Cross Sign which is an ancient Armenian symbol of Eternity and a symbol of the national identity of the Armenian people. It is one of the most common symbols in Armenian architecture, carved on khachkars and on walls of churches.

Symbol of Eternity

 The Eternity concept of Everlasting Life and, Celestial Life seems a strong symbol at a time when many people are dying in this war stricken region. We designed these two pieces with the hope for an everlasting resolution and a halt to the bloodshed. We know that what ever amount we can raise and send the Non-Profit organisation ArmeniaFund, will benefit the regions of Armenia and Artsakh with humanitarian relief.