What is Rhodium Plating and why do you need this?

Rhodium is a precious metal not feasible to make solid jewelry, and believe it or not it is about ten times if not more costlier than gold, however it is great for plating white gold jewelry. Rhodium is much more whiter, it is chrome like and gives a piece that dazzling bright look.

Many people don't realize that White Gold in its natural state truly is champagne color tinted, it is the Rhodium with which it is plated that gives it that incredible bright white shine. Over time and wear, the plating fades revealing the yellowish tint of the white gold. This is when you need to give your white gold jewelry a little trip to what we call the Jewels Quest Jewelry SPA where your precious pieces are first cleaned in special solution, plated with the Rhodium to recapture that white clean glow and given a polish for that extra shine and finalized with a steam bath!

The process makes your dulled rings look as new as the day you purchased it.

Rhodium plating can also be used on silver, most of our silver jewelry collection in store is Rhodium plated which helps prevent the sterling silver from quickly tarnishing as it tends to do. 

Usually it is recommended to get your rings plated at least once a year for a fresh look. People who never take off their rings and do everything with them, from dishes, to gardening, lotions and pool.... often bring in their rings twice a year.

Bracelets and pendants can also be plated, of course, but these don't get the wear and tear as rings do.

Another reason to make sure and give your diamond jewelry a Rhodium plating is that it  makes diamonds look bigger and brighter!